Course Description

Climbing is without doubt a fantastic all-round activity for kids.

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Firstly, it boosts self-confidence and problem-solving ability, encouraging a never-give-up attitude. Secondly, it increases pyhsical strength and endurance by a gradual increase in the difficulty level. We take pride in our ability to "Height-Proof" kids who will, in the future, have the confidence and physical awareness to help deal with life challenges more effectively.

Our regular weekly classes take place on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Classes take place on the Hong Kong International School High School climbing wall at the Tai Tam campus. Students learn basic safety and get lots of skills and technique practice. They are also taught easy knots and use them in a fun, team relay race format. During the class we keep track of their climbs and the ROCKSTARS Award scheme gives prizes for attaining milestones; the level one prize for 30 climbs being the world-famous ROCKSTARS T-shirt !

The courses are a semester long, giving on average 12 weekly wall sessions. There will also be an invitation to attend 2 Saturday morning bonus-sessions on the natural rock faces of Shek-O.

The weekly sessions are at HKIS Tai Tam, and the 2 Saturday sessions take the students to spectacular sea cliffs to put their skills to the test. Both these venues offer all ages a wide range of challenges in the great outdoors.

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